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Please read our terms and conditions for reservations. We will require you to sign these terms and conditions for your reservation. Click to download and print.
Party Smart Rental Agreement:

Reserving Equipment:  Estimates do not guarantee availability of rental equipment. Invoices however do reserve equipment. For invoiced orders please notify us as soon as possible of any changes to free up rentals for other customers. Confirmation of rental equipment is by email or fax.

Damage Waiver: For security against damaged items, Party Smart Rentals automatically includes a non-refundable damage waiver of 5% on all orders. A Damage waiver is not insurance. Damage viewed as excessive damage by Party Smart Rental staff will result in additional charges (the cost of repair or the full replacement cost of rental items) due immediately. Rental equipment not returned when due or agreed upon will be charged at its full replacement cost. Client is responsible for equipment from the time of receipt until the time of return. It is the client’s responsibility to secure equipment when not in use and to protect equipment from weather at all times.

Rental Period: Party Smart’s rental period is 72 hours or less. The customer will not be charged for additional days due to delay in pickup of equipment. 

Payment: There is no deposit on rental items. Unless other arrangements have been made, full payment is due prior to delivery. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are accepted credit cards. You may also pay by check or cash prior to the event or at the delivery site.

Changes / Cancellations: Changes to orders or cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to delivery or customer pickup date. All special ordered items that need shipment to our business need a 15 day advance notice of changes. Party Smart will advise you if certain items have been special ordered for you.

Site Preparation: Please be sure your site is ready (i.e. lawns mowed, ground leveled, etc.) prior to Party Smart delivery crew arriving. Client will inform Party Smart Rentals of the existence of any underground utilities or conditions that may interfere with the ability to stake and /or anchor equipment. Client assumes all responsibility for all damage to underground equipment in absence of such notice.

Delivery / Pick-Up Policy: Party Smart Rentals works with you on your delivery and pickup. This service consists of delivering your rental equipment to a nearby ground level site, outside the rear of our truck In order to ensure delivery times, it is important that we know all aspects of your delivery site. Although rare, deliveries with excessive distances between driver parking area and site can be arranged, but need to be scheduled in advance – not at the time of delivery. Upon pick-up, all items must be stacked / bagged in the same manner and location that they were delivered; china, flatware, etc. needs to be scraped (not rinsed) and stacked in the same containers in which they were delivered. Party Smart Rental drivers do not do set-up and teardown. It is the client’s responsibility to verify the order once it is delivered and to contact us immediately, not after the event, regarding any discrepancies. Please call our office and obtain the after-hours party emergency number if you have any party issues.

Customer Pickup: It is the client’s responsibility to verify your order upon leaving Party Smart Rentals. The client assumes responsibility for rental equipment once the order has been loaded and verified by your signature. Customer pickup orders require payment at the time of pick-up. No orders will be released until final payment and signed policies are received. Party Smart Rental staff will assist you in loading and unloading your vehicle, however we will not take responsibility for damage to your vehicle.

Linen Policy: Linens are delicate and vulnerable to customer mistreatment. DO NOT USE TAPE GLUE, or GLUE DOTS on linens and KEEP FREE OF CANDLE WAX. Please DO NOT LAUNDER LINENS after use. All linens need to be returned in laundry bags, dry and free of debris. DO NOT ROLL UP OR PLACE WET LINENS IN ANY OTHER BAG – MILDEW WILL RESULT.

Emergency Services: In the event of a party rental emergency (i.e. correct items were not delivered, items were delivered damaged, items are not working properly, problems with a tent, or you need additional items, etc.) Party Smart Rentals does provide 24-hour assistance. Please call our office at 209.267.5822 for the recorded message with the phone number of the customer care representative on call for that day.

Hold Harmless:  You, the customer agrees to assume the risk of and hold Party Smart Rentals harmless for property damage and personal injuries caused by the items. You, the customer shall indemnify, defend and hold Party Smart Rentals harmless from any claims of third party for loss, injury and damage to their persons and/or property arising out of customer’s possession, use maintenance or return of items, including legal costs incurred in defense of the same. 

Be sure all equipment is returned according to these Terms and Conditions. The client is solely responsible for any additional charges incurred as a result of failure to meet these conditions. All collection fees, attorney fees, court costs, or any expense involved in the collection of rental charges will be the client’s responsibility.